About Us

The doggy CEO of Melvyn & Co. is Melvyn the cockapoo (he's the hairy one on the left).  Since he has no opposable thumbs, he recruited a manager in the form of Mike (he's the equally hairy one on the right).

Back when he was thirteen years old, Mike chose to study needlework at high school because he figured being the only boy in a class of 30 girls would give him a good chance of finding a girlfriend.  Having been disappointingly "friend-zoned" by all 30 girls, Mike left school without any girls' phone numbers but did have the skills to operate a sewing machine. 

For 30 years, those sewing machine skills lay dormant until his cockapoo puppy needed a bandana.  Not able to find a bandana that was just right, Mike found the perfect fabric and made his beloved dog a bandana.  That bandana created so much interest on Melvyn's Instagram profile melvynthecockapoo, that he began to make them for sale. And that's where Melvyn & Co. was born.

Now we are here offering a range of quality bandanas to dogs around the world.

Melvyn & Mike