Measurement Guide

All our bandanas are made to slide over your pet's collar. That way, they won't fall off, even on the messiest of walks or most vigorous games of fetch. The size choices stated refer to the length of the part of the collar you would like to be covered by the bandana.  Some people like the bandana to go all round the neck, some people prefer to buy a size that just hangs at the front, the choice is yours.


In order for us to make your bandana to the right size, you'll need to measure your pet's collar.  Think about how you want the bandana to hang below or wrap around your dogs collar.  Measure the length of the amount of the collar you want covered by the bandana and order that size.

The opening into which the collar slides, is designed to slide over a standard collar.  If you have an extra wide collar, either email us to get a collar custom made (for the same price) or buy a narrower collar!

Here's a guide to the bandana size you need