"Gweedore" Premium Tartan Face Covering

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Part of our signature tartan range, this  tartan face covering features a stunning combination of black, mint & white colours

We've named this design "Gweedore" after one of our favourite parts of the world.  Gweedore is a stunning place on the Gaeltacht of Donegal, just up the road from where we make our face coverings!


All our face coverings are hand made, double layer and 100% cotton.  They are washable to enable reuse. 


All our face coverings are one-size-fits-all.  PLEASE NOTE: The mannequin in the photos is smaller than an actual life size adult head so the product will not look quite so big when worn.

Your Perfect Fit

All our face coverings are supplied with open ear loops so you can get your perfect fit and the covering fits snugly to your face.  See the photos for instructions on how to adjust the ear loops to enable your face mask to fit your face perfectly.